Webinar On-Demand 
The Power of Analytics to Drive Loyalty

30 mins + Q&A


Customer analytics is a key enabler for loyalty success. In this webinar, you will learn how marketers are trending on the analytics spectrum. To what extent are they measuring loyalty programs, and if so, what are they measuring, what would they like to measure, and how are they performing? In this webinar, David Rosen of TIBCO Loyalty Lab presents intelligence based on our survey of marketing executives and the data elements needed to create cohesive, consistent messaging, as well as personalized campaigns and offers. 

Presenter from TIBCO Loyalty Lab: 


David RosenStrategy, Analytics and Consumer Insights


As a member of TIBCO Loyalty Lab's leadership team, David leads the company’s strategy, analytics and consumer insights teams.  At TIBCO Loyalty Lab, he has designed innovative loyalty programs for dozens of top global brands in the multi-channel retail, CPG, media and travel industries.  He has over 20 years’ experience creating consumer-driven strategies using the latest technologies for companies in North America, Asia and Europe. 


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